НашСамогон - самогонные аппараты, дубовые бочки, винные и турбо дрожжи, электроника и оборудование для производства алкоголя в домашних условиях.

Dear friends!

We are glad to inform you that our kids club “Pampa Green” can provide any desirable service in the English language. We carry out any organization of children parties with different individual programs, master classes and different kinds of classes for our little pupils. We will be happy to serve you!
Let us introduce you to the variety of classes we have.
Little Island
For kids 6-12 months old
Each unique class promotes exploratory play to develop your child's natural curiosity and imagination. There are lots of opportunities for your baby to explore, discover and learn about their world. Babies are able to experience different materials such as wood, fabric, rubber, plastic and much much more. During song time new and familiar children's songs and rhymes are introduced (unaccompanied) to promote communication and language development, beautiful wooden instruments, bells, puppets and fabric are used to extend concentration, and increase the fun!
Toddler class
For kids 1-4 years old.
Encourage development through play and learning with our program designed to support your child's growth at his or her own individual pace. From sensory stimulation to problem-solving games and storytelling, our classes use play-based activities to stretch the body and mind. We have classes for 1-2 year old, 2-3 year old and 3-4 year old children. The program gets harder and more complicated for each age.
For kids 3 years old and up
Fundamentals of ballet are taught in a nurturing and warm environment. Lessons are aimed at developing strength and flexibility along with self-discipline and attention span needed for classical ballet training. Ballet terminology is reinforced each class and group choreography is introduced. This is an independent participation class.
Art and design classes
For kids 2 years old and up
Inspire your child's imagination and self-expression with a world of hands-on art activities. Through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, dramatic play and more, our art classes encourage confidence and support artistic potential.
School Skills Classes
For kids 4 years old and up
Build the key social, emotional and intellectual skills needed for school and life with specially designed school skills classes for preschool children ages 4-7. Activities help develop confidence, curiosity, communication, perseverance and cooperation, giving your child a solid foundation for future learning environments.
Capoeira class
For kids 2,5 years old and up
A rich combination of dance, acrobatics, self-defense techniques and music, Capoeira is a uniquely effective tool for activating the minds and bodies of children of all ages.
Capoeira promotes physical fitness and health by increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance, builds body awareness and coordination, encourages healthy social skills through partner and group exercises, and performances. It also inspires self-expression and creativity.
Chess class
For kids 3 years old and up
Chess is an excellent game for kids. It teaches them strategic thinking, logic and it's fun, too. At each training session we study chess material and working through different topics. Our approach is individual for each child. Training sessions are proposed in small groups of 2-5 children. As their skills increase, the children participate in qualifying tournaments.
For kids 2 years old and up
Our Dance program introduces children to different kind of dance trends, including different types of modern dance and national Russian dance, while allowing them to express themselves through creative movement. Children spend a good part of class time refining their techniques in the studio space. Children participate in concerts dedicated to the famous holidays, such as New Year or International Women’s Day.
For kids 3 years and up
We offer a 4-hour class every weekday from 10.00 am till 14.00 pm Your child will be involved in discovering new information about the world we live in, in receiving necessary skills for preschool children, in interacting with other peers, in acquiring his social skills and competence.
Acting Skills
For kids 3 years old and up
Children don't always feel comfortable being loud and emotional in order to express themselves. Acting is one outlet that expresses feelings and emotions in a controlled environment. Acting also allows for freedom of expression, creating different characters and story lines with facial movements, gestures, vocals and costumes. Voice coaching also helps kids learn to speak clearly and lessens the fear of speaking in front of others. There is no wrong or right way to act, so lessons in drama should be a mixture of play and introduction into the world of acting rather than strict rules of behavior.
Science experiments
For kids 3,5 years old and up
Kids get simple, detailed answers to common science questions. Plus fun, easy science projects and experiments. Science experiments are fun learning games that will delight any child. Watching how the world works is much more fun when it's something you've created yourself. We've got some of the coolest science experiments suitable for pre-schoolers to high school children. They'll make learning fun.
English classes
For kids 3 years old and up
Children learn English in a friendly and warm environment. Everything is taught through a game. Kids learn new words and expressions in English, play games, listen to the music, communicate in English with peers and the teacher, they learn how to sing and dance to the English music and songs. Children have the most amazing fun time with the English language!
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